Business Guide

The Business Guide is no longer necessary for each consumer, operator and every visitor because it contains information and useful telephone numbers and recording more undertakings of island. Our company iMykonian and with the permission of Syrian Medical Association provides its readers a full medical guide those of Physicians and Pharmacies of the island wished to record. The turnout was great that exceeds 95%.The guide is printed in Greek and English and is distributed free.

 Available in 5000 copies. Reapply every year since the projection desire through driver constantly increase. Distribution become through enterprises that have appeared in public companies (OTE - ADS - PPC - ELTA) in Super Markets, at Hotel Receptions . The distribution is done in three stages. The first in early June the second in September and the third in February.
The simple entry into the category belongs your business is free. Look out for special promotional events such as:
  • View full page - half page - banner
  • Show cover in or out - or back cover inside out.
No matter where you choose to advertise will automatically register FREE on the website of the business guide by appropriate entry. Within six months from the posting of the website over 3000 visitors have visited the Guidebook.
The guide provides information and contact numbers for all of the island services for all modes of transport and general information. The consumer - the customer can very easily to find the business that is interested in the business categories list.
Advertise your business through the pages of professional Mykonos driver.